Kawach 26 June 2016 Episode 06 Sunday Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

Written Episode 06 of Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se on Sunday 26 June 2016

Kawach 26th June 2016 Written Episode

Natasha fumes after Pari confronts and insults her back. She thinks she will teach Pari a lesson and reminisces telling she does not know to dance. She asks Pari to dance in front of everyone and murmurs in her ears that it is revenge for insulting her. She announces on mic that Pari will dance now. Manjulika in Pari dances sensuously on Ang laga de re…song… Everyone clap for her. Mom praises that she did not know she can dance so well. Rajbeer says this is call 36 out of 36 gun/qualities. Pari looks at Natasha smirking. Youngters taunt Natasha that she cannot dance like Pari. Natasha fumes in jealously.

Saroj thinks there is something wrong in this house, she will have to meet kinnar/eunch lady. Manjulika/Pari comes there and frightens her that if she calls kinnar, she will torture Pari and beats Pari’s body. Pari cries and pleads Saroj to help her. Saroj pleads not to harm Pari and walks back home.

Ranbeer comes to room at night. Manjulika in Pari’s body start romancing him sensuously. He says he does not feel good with her over possession and goes to change his clothes. Manjulika fumes and tortures Pari. Pari says this is called love, Rajbeer can distinguish her. They love each other ‘s soul and not body. Manjulika says she will show her the power of body now and twists her hands. Rajbeer comes back and sleeps on bed. Manjulika starts emotionally blackmailing him that he still loves his ex-girlfriend, so he is avoiding her. He gets romantic. She throws her mangalsutra and says she does not want anything between them. Mangalsutra falls into water glass.

Natasha tells Shakti that Pari was talking cheap with her. She alleged her that she was having affair with 4 producers, can she. Shakti says no. Natasha then sees Pari walking out of house and follows her. Pari gets into car and goes to Manjulika’s haveli and tries to break open Manjulika’s mom’s grave shouting she will free her mom today. Natasha enters haveli yelling how can Pari come into such a dirty old haveli. Manjulika senses her and turns. Natasha gets afraid seeing her horrible face and runs home. She gathers family and tells Pari is not at home and went to old haveli. Daadi scolds her to stop bothering Pari. She insits and takes them all to Pari’s and knocks door. Rajbeer comes out. She asks where is Pari. He shows Pari on bed. Everyone scold Natasha again.

In the morning, during breakfast, Rajbeer tells family that he is going to Canada for 15 days on a business meeting. Daadi asks him to take Pari along for honeymoon. Natasha comments Pari should be sent to some local hill station like Massouri, Darljeelling instead of Canada. Mom scolds her. Rajbeer’s brother asks Rajbeer to take his passport, else he will return home like last time if he forgets passport. Rajbeer asks Pari to get their passport. Pari goes to her room. Manjulika says she will celebrate honeymoon with Rajbeer for 15 days. Pari says she will not let that happen and burns passport. She tells Rajbeer that her passport got burnt by mistake, so she will stay at home and mingle with family members. Manjulika tortures Pari and says after 7 p.m. she will enter her body and will stop Rajbeer here. She enters Pari’s body at 7 p.m. and injures her forehead. Rajbeer takes elders’ blessings and is about to leave for Canada when Manjulika/Pari calls him loudly. He runs up and sees her injured. Doc nurses her forehead injury. Mom asks what happened. She says she slipped in bathroom and hit her head to a table. Her family also comes and her mom asks what happened. Rajbeer asks how did they know about Pari’s injury. Pari’s mom says she does not know about injury, but Pari had told about Rajbeer going to Canada, so they came. Pari insists Rajbeer to go to Canada alone. Rajbeer leaves. Manjulika fumes.

Manjulika in Pari’s body walks in corridor. Natasha comments that poor junior artist could not even go abroad. Manjulika angrily fumes that she will teach her a lesson now. Natasha is sound asleep on her bed. Manjulika/Pari enters her room and wiggles her soles. Natasha wakes up and sees Pari on bed, hides herself in bedsheet. Shakti wakes up and asks what is she doing. She says Pari is here. He scolds her to sleep. She walks out and sees Pari in corridor. Pari frigthens and tortures her. She falls unconscious shouting. Shakti comes and takes her to room. Doc checks her and says she is under a lot of work stress, so is acting weird and needs rest. Manjulika in Pari’s body sits next to Natasha and smirks, wiggling her fingers in hair.

Manjulika continues torturing Pari for sending Rajbeer. Pari says now she will not see Rajbeer for 15 days. Rajbeer comes back and says airport road has traffic jam, so he came back. Manjulika smirks on Pari. At night, Manjulika hears her mom calling her. She in Pari’s body get out of bed and walks into store room breaking heavy lock. Manjulika in Pari’s body looks at her mom’s burnt portrait. Mom says she has to get her out with black magical key via Pari’s body. She cries that 30 years ago Bundela family killed her and locked her in suitcase grave. Natasha goes kitchen to drink water and sees Pari in store room. Manjulika tells her mom that she will get her out of grave and will bring her back to Bundela family.

Precap: Manjulika fixes her mom’s portrait in main hall. Rajbeer’s family sees that and throws it back in store room. Manjulika shouts to leave her mom’s portrait and orders Pari to stop them. Pari says she will not and says Manjulika cannot enter her body now, and her mom’s place is in store room.
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Paridhi is Possessed - Kawach 25 June 2016 Episode 05 Saturday Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

Written Episode 05 of Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se on Saturday 25 June 2016

Paridhi is Possessed - Kawach 25th June 2016 Written Episode

Pari wakes up and finds herself on bed still in bridal attire. She thinks she must have gone unconscious due to tiredness. She then gets afraid seeing Manjulika and asks what is she doing here. Manjulika says she called her. Pari says she called her for marriage. Manjulika says she invited to enter and live in her body. She further says she will enjoy marriage with Rajbeer in her body, it will be Pari’s body and her soul. She will torture her body so much thatshe will neither die or live peacefully. She enters Pari’s body. Rajbeer enters room. Manjulika in Pari’s body acts sensously and romances him while Pari’s body suffers. In the morning, Pari wakes up in the morning afraid and tries to wake up Rajveer. She removes blanket and does not find anyone in. She sees Manjulika on ceiling fan. Manjulika says shecannot forgo her. Pari runs into blanket. Manjulika twists her hands and tortures her. Rajbeer comes and Manjulika goes back on ceiling fan and warns Pari not to tell Rajbeer or anyone about her, else she will kill Rajbeer. Rajbeer gets romantic, but just then his neice knocks door and he walks out.

Pari runs out and tries to tell Saroj what Manjulika is doing with her, but Manjulika comes and warns he not to, twists her hands and pushes Saroj from her hands. Saroj falls down from stairs. Natasha sees that and shouts. Family gathers. Natasha shouts Pari pushed Saroj baisa. Mom says she is jealous of Pari, so she is alleging her. Doc treats Saroj. Saroj wakes up and says she slipped herself by mistake and Pari did not push her. Mom scolds Natasha again and whole family leaves. Saroj asks Pari what she wants to say. Pari tries to speak again, but sees Manjulika stabbing Saroj’s leg with knife. Pari runs from there. Saroj holds lemon and chants mantras and sees lemon turning red and realizes an evil spirit is around. She thinks of taking Pari to temple at any cost today.

Rajveer comes to room and shows his love bites to Pari. Pari asks who did this. He says who else. She asks who.. He says one who spent night with her. Rajveer goes out. Pari sees Manjulika sitting on tree. Manjulika laughs on her and says she will enter her body at night again. Daadi comes to Rajveer and Pari’s room and says they have to go with her somewhere before party. Rajveer hesitates. Pari says they will go wherever she takes them. Neice says even she will come with them. Pari agrees.

Rajveer drives car with Pari, Daadi, Saroji, and neice. Lag jaa gale..song..plays on FM. Rajbeer tells Pari that wen he prosed her, this song was playing in background. Manjulika tells Pari she will enter her body at 7 p.m. Daadi asks Rajbeer to stop car near temple. It is 6:55 p.m. Pandit in hanuman temple sees lamps flickering and says a strong evil spirit is outside temple. Rajbeer and others enter temple, but Pari’s dupatta stucks in car door. She thinks she has to enter temple before 7 p.m. Manjulika tries to stop her and tortures her. Rajbeer sees her and asks what happened and takes her in. Manjulika fumes seeing this and thinks of getting Pari out at any cost. She enters rabbit’s body. Neice sees rabbit and runs behind it. Rabbit jumps over ditch and neice falls in ditch. Pari sees her missing and asks Rajbeer to go out and bring her. Rajbeer goes out. Manjulika gets neice out and she runs back into temple. Pandit says it is god’s miracle and cleans neice in pond. Pari sees speeding truck towards Rajbeer and runs towards him. Truck hits Rajbeer and he falls in ditch. People throw bamboo and pull him out. Manjulika enters Pari’s body and tortures her.

Daadi thanks Saroj for bringing Rajbeer and Pari to temple. She asks where is Pari. Pari comes and shouts at Daadi how dare she is to bring her to temple, why she thinks a black evil spirit is possessing her body. Rajbeer comes. Pari starts emotional atyachar and cries that Daadi thinks she has evil spirit in her, so she brought her to temple. If daadi does not trust her, she will enter temple. Rajbeer stops her and says she does not have to prove herself. Pari smirks. She weirdly looks at Saroj. Saroj reallizes evil spirit has possessed her. Pari smirks.

At home, Pari looks at herself in mirror and says herself she will get ready for party so well that everyone will look at her. Natasha in her room tells Shakti that her black designer sari is missing and Pari must have stolen it. Raj asks her to stop alleging Pari and get ready for party soon. Party starts and gets gather. Pari walks down sensual wearing Natasha’s black sari with revealing blouse. Saroj is shocked seeing her new avatar. Rajveer gets mesmerized with her beauty. Natasha sees Pari wearing her sari and scolds how dare she is to steal her sari. Shakti takes her from here. Rajbeer tells mom Pari does not like saris. Mom says it is fashion now. Rajbeer’s siblings complement Pari. Natasha starts yelling at Pari that she is poor broke, phatichar, stole her sari, etc. Pari starts confronting her and reveals how she got TV serial roles by having affair with 4 producers, how she took pics with her boyfriend in compromised position and blackmailed him to marry her, howmuch boyfriends she had, how she mixes rum and coke and drinks, etc.. She snatches Natasha’s drink and gulps in 1 sip and leaves. Shakti taunts Natasha that at last she found someone to confront her. Saroj watches Pari’s changed behavior carefully.

Precap: Saroj thinks something is wrong in this house. Manjulika romances Rajbeer. Rajbeer says he feels weird. Manjulika says he wants to see body’s power and now she will show it. She romances Rajbeer more and throws mangalsutra. Pari tells Manjulika if she wants to be with Rajbeer, so she will not go in front of him at all. Manjulika tortures her more.

Kawach - 25 June 2016 - कवच -Up Coming Full Episode -5 | On ... Video for Kawach 25 June 2016▶ 10:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-in7JoOlU8U 5 days ago - Uploaded by Virat India News Kawach - 25 June 2016 - Full Uncut Episode - On Location News Colors Tv Kavach - Serial 2016. ... 20th ... Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se | Episode-5 |25 June 2016 | Full Episode ... Video for Kawach 25 June 2016▶ 8:17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BbNJ-WVOn8 Jun 17, 2016 - Uploaded by Entertainment Services Kawach Kaali Shaktiyon Se | Episode-5 |25 June 2016 | Full Episode | Colors TV. Kavach..Kaali Shaktiyon Se - Episode 5 - 25 June 2016 - On Location ... Video for Kawach 25 June 2016▶ 5:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd0XglOz8vA Jun 7, 2016 - Uploaded by SportsEnt Mania Kavach..Kaali Shaktiyon Se - Episode 5 - 25 June 2016 - On Location - Mona Singh - Vivek Dehiya ... Kavach - 25th June 2016 - कवच - On Location TV Serial - YouTube Video for Kawach 25 June 2016▶ 5:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr9Dh9XJZ0M Jun 10, 2016 - Uploaded by Bollywood India Kavach - Kaali Shaktiyon Se - 25th June 2016 - On Location TV Serial, Kavach 25th June 2016 Full ... Kavach 25 June 2016 Full Episode Colors Tv - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kavach-25-June-2016-Full-Episode-Colors-Tv-10844931... Kavach 25 June 2016 Full Episode Colors Tv. 1 like. TV Network. Kavach 25 June 2016 Live Kavach Episode 05 25 June ... - eVideoPortal evideoportal.com/.../kavach-25-june-2016-live-kavach-episode-05-25-june-2016-full... 7 hours ago - Kavach 25th June 2016 Full Episode 05 Colors Tv, Kavach 25 June 2016 Today Episode, Kavach 25 June 2016 Live Kavach Episode 05 25 ... Kavach 25th June 2016 Full Episode 05 Colors Tv - eVideoPortal Video for Kawach 25 June 2016▶ 41:12 evideoportal.com/watch-video-kavach-25th-june-2016-full-episode... Kavach 25th June 2016 Full Episode 05 Colors Tv, Kavach 25 June 2016 Today Episode, Kavach 25 June ... Tag Archives: Kavach 25 June 2016 Full Today Episode - Moviestap moviestap.com/tag/kavach-25-june-2016-full-today-episode 6 hours ago - Kavach Episode 5 – 25 June 2016 Full Episodes Watch Online. 1 min ago Video 0 · Kawach. Kavach Episode 5 – 25 June 2016 Full Episodes ... Kawach 25th June 2016 Watch Full Episode - AllTvHub www.alltvhub.com/kawach-25th-june-2016-watch-full-episode/ 7 hours ago - Kawach Episode 25th June 2016 | COLORS TV, Watch Drama Serial Kawach Episode 25th June 2016 You Can Watch Dailymotion Video ... Kavach 25 June 2016 Episode 5 Colors Tv Dailymotion - Serialpromo ... linkis.com/serialpromo.xyz/view/vjJ0q 5 days ago - Kavach 25 June 2016 Episode 5 Colors Tv Full HD Video.Kavach 25 June 2016 Episode 5 Colors Tv Indian Drama.Kavach 25 June 2016 ...

Paridhi's Haunted Wedding - Kawach 19 June 2016 Episode 04 Sunday Colors - Watch Online - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

Written Episode 04 of Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se on Sunday 19 June 2016

Paridhi's Haunted Wedding - Kawach 19th June 2016 Written Episode

Rajbeer tells his mom that he does not love Pari and will not marry her, shouts why did Pari come behind him when he went to meet his girlfriend. Pari hears that and says she breaks their engagement and leaves. Rajbeer packs his clothes and leaves says he will live with his boyrfriend now. Mom tries to stop hin in vain.

Manjulika wears bridal dress and happily says her mom’s grave that she is marrying Rajbeer. A dog barks. She scolds it and sends aside. She then starts chanting black magic and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes followed by eunuch lady with her team singing song and asks Manjulika to give her marriage gift. Manjulika shouts how did she come here and asks to get out. Pari comes next. Manjulika gets tensed seeing her, shows dog and says it was man and she made it dog, now it will kill her. Lady prays hunuman to protect Pari. Dog runs behind Pari. Pari runs in jungle. She reminisces explaining eunuch lady that an evil witch and her mother’s evil spirit is behind Rajbeer and she wants to possess Rajbeer with black magic. Lady suggets with dog’s hair fall into havan when witch does black magic, she will burn with hair. Pari runs back and jumps havan. Dog falls in havan and burns. Manjulika also burns and dies. Rajbeer falls down and gets back to normal and asks Pari where are they and what are they doing here. Pari says he is very weak and they should go home first. She takes him home.

Pari informs family whole story, how Rajbeer was possessed by evil witch and how she got him free, etc. Rajbeer says he does not believe in all this. Pari says even she was not, but now believes, if there is white, there is black, if there is good, there is bad, if there is god, there is evil. Pari then thanks eunuch lady for her help. Lady says she is going out of town for 2 days, gives her sindhoor box and says it will protect her from evil spirits and says evil may come back and she has to be careful.

Natasha badmouths about Pari. Mom hears her and scolds to stay away from Pari, else she will be out of house. Natasha fumes in jealousy.

Next morning, Pari goes to her room and hears water sound, sees bathtub filling. She gets afraid seeing nobody around. Rajbeer comes and hugs her from behind. He gets romantic. She asks him to go. Nammo daadi comes to give Pari’s bridal dress. She sees Rajbeer hiding behind curtains and cathches him red handed. Rajbeer and Pari get nervous. Daadi says Rajbeer is acting as if he is in 1960s and asks him to be open and leaves asking them to enjoy and locking door. Pari sends Rajbeer out. She walks out next and clashes with Natasha by mistake. Natasha yells on her that she spoilt her costly sari and insults. Pari says she does not feel bad of her words and if she tells mom about her misbehavior, mom will scold her. Natasha continues. Her husband Arush hears them and sends Natasha from there and apologizes Pari. Pari says they are family now and she will not mind.

Kammo daadi takes her son into store room and says she wants Manjulika’s mother’s potrait out. Son burns it, takes keys, and says nobody will come to this store room without his permission now.

Pari sees Manjulika with burns all around her body and asks what is she doing here. Manjulika apologies her for her evil deeds and starts emotional blackmail that her mood died when she was a child and when she saw Rajbeer, she got mad behind him and wanted to marry. Pari says she wanted to kill Rajbeer. Manjulika continues apologizing and asks what is her bridal dress color. Pari asks why is she asking this. Manjulika says she wants to attend her marriage and emotionally blackmails again. Pari permits her. Enuch lady senses this and prays god to protect Pari until she returns back.

Marriage starts. Rajbeer comes down wearing groom’s sherwani and sehra and sits in mantap. Pari comes in red bridal dress and sits next to him. She sees Manjulika standing at door and says Rajbeer she came back. Rajbeer says who. She says witch and she insisted to attend their wedding, so she permitted her. Rajbeer sees and says there is no one. Manjulika has turned into evil spirit. Pari then sees Manjulika sitting next to her wearing same bridal dresss. Pari says Rajbeer she is sitting next to her. Rajbeer sees and says he sees neice next to her. Manjulika vanishes. Marriage rituals start. Pandit asks bride and groom to exchange garlands. Pari sees Rajbeer dorning garland in Manjulika’s neck and asks why did not he dorn garland in her neck. He says he dorned her and asks not to joke again. Pari then sees Manjulika performing rituals with Rajbeer and thinks why only she can see Manjulika and not others, if she is really here. Pheras start. Pari sees Manjulika doing pheras with Rajbeer. Pari sees Manjuilika vanishing again and thinks why can’t anyone see her. Pandit asks Rajbeer to apply sindhoor on Pari’s forehead, but he applies it on Manjulika’s forehead. Pari falls down. Family runs towards her and picks her.

After marriage, Pari leans on bed thinking if she is really seeing Manjulika. She sees Manjulika and asks what is she doing here, she will call family. Manjulika says she is evil spirit and nobody can see except her. Pari she just invited her to her marriage. Manjulika says she invited her to possess her marriage and now she will fulfill her wish of spending time with Rajbeer through her body.

Precap: Saroj thinks red lemon means something is wrong here and worries for Pari. Manjulika posesses Pari’s body and romances Rajbeer. Rabeer shows nails bites on his chest and says Pari did it. Pari pleads Manjulika to leave her. Manjulika continues enjoying.Precap: Saroj thinks red lemon means something is wrong here and worries for Pari. Manjulika posesses Pari’s body and romances Rajbeer. Rabeer shows nails bites on his chest and says Pari did it. Pari pleads Manjulika to leave her. Manjulika continues enjoying torturing Pari..
Kavach - 12 June 2016 - कवच- |On Location | Full Episode -2 - YouTube Video for Kawach 19 June 2016▶ 13:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OASQY3Ddw7w Jun 7, 2016 - Uploaded by Virat India News Lotus Bollywood TV 815 views. New. 15:19. Kavach - Episode 1 - 11th June 2016 - कवच - Duration: 9:48 ... Kavach - Episode 1 - 11th June 2016 - कवच - YouTube Video for Kawach 19 June 2016▶ 9:48 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8BlEE75ib0 Jun 6, 2016 - Uploaded by Ent Masala Kavach - Episode 1 - 11th June 2016 - कवच. ... 13:19. Kavach…Kaali Shaktiyon Se Launch - Vivek Dahiya | Mona ... Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se - 11th June 2016 - Episode 1 - On ... Video for Kawach 19 June 2016▶ 5:39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jxt0DHYElw Jun 7, 2016 - Uploaded by Bollywood News Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se - 11th June 2016 - Episode 1 - On ... Kavach - 13 June 2016 - कवच ||On ... Kawach Promo 14th-19th June 2016 - HUMOK humok.xyz/kawach-promo-14th-19th-june-2016.html 16 hours ago - Kawach Promo 14th-19th June 2016Indian Dramas Serial Most popula Drama Kawach 2 Promo Starts 2 Starts 14th June 2016 Watch Online ... Kawach Promo 18th-19th June 2016 - DesiTVBox.me www.desitvbox.me/kawach-promo-18th-19th-june-2016/ 1 day ago - Kawach Watch in DailyMotion Player Watch in Watchvideo Player. Kawach Promo 18th-19th June 2016 - Video Dailymotion www.dailymotion.com/video/x4g6ufp_kawach-promo-18th-19th-june-2016_tv Watch the video «Kawach Promo 18th-19th June 2016» uploaded by zeeuploadvids on Dailymotion. Kavach Promo 19 June 2016 On Youtube dramasvideoplus.com › Indian Dramas 2 days ago - Related Post "Kavach Promo 19 June 2016 On Youtube". Nagin 19 June 2016 Full Episode 65 HD Promo On Youtube · Nagin Promo HD 19 ... Kavach Colors Tv Online Watch All Episodes HD (Kawach) badtameezdil.net/category/kavach/ Kavach episode 1 starts from 11th June 2016. ... 19 hours ago Kavach 0. Video watch online Kavach 12th June 2016 full Episode 2 of Colors Tv drama serial ... Kawach Promo 18th-19th June 2016 | BollyZone - Desi TV India Forum ... www.bollyzone.co › ... › ..::- Colors Channel -::.. › Kawach Jun 18, 2016 - Kawach Promo 18th-19th June 2016. Discussion in 'Kawach' started by shows, A moment ago . shows Super Moderator. Watch Online Link 1st Epi - Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update - Telly ... www.tellyupdates.com/1st-epi-kawach-11th-june-2016-written-episode-update/ 3 days ago - Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com The serial starts with ... June 11, 2016 at 10:19 pm - Reply.

Manjulika's Evil Ploy Revealed- Kawach 18 June 2016 Episode 03 Saturday Colors - Watch Online - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

Manjulika's Evil Ploy Revealed-  Written Episode 03 of Colors - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se on Saturday 18 June 2016

Rajbeer and Pari dance romantically. Everyone enjoy their dance. Manjulika chants black magic mantras and hypnotizes Rajbeer. Rajbeer leaves Pari and dances sensuously. Family elders fuming thinking who is this girl, why is she dancing with Rajbeer. Youngster comment girl is very hot and sensual. After their dance finishes, Pari asks Rajbeer what was he doing. He says just a dance. She says she should not doubt him. Youngsters praise Pari’s dance. Natasha taunts Pari that Rajbeer is rich and girls falling for him is obvious. Pari confronts her and says she doe snot want be like her. Natasha yells but stops seeing her husband.

Pari shows her mehandi to friendship and enjoys party. Manjulika gets jealous and does black magic. Waiter drops drinks on Pari. Pari goes to wash her kurti and dries it with hair dryer. Manjulika does black magic again and Pari slips, hair dryer falls in bathtub adn Pari is about to fall in bathtub and get electrocuted when Saroj comes and holds her on time. Pari thanks her for saving her. Saroj says it is abshagun and shows her flying lamps in air. Pari says someone must have lit them and she does not believe in all this. She goes down. Manjulika shockingly looks at her. Pari asks what happened to her. She says nothing. A lady likes Manjulika’s earings and borrows them. Manjulika thinks she does not know whose earrings she is taking.

Manjulika goes back to her haveli and tells her mom’s trunk that she danced with Rajbeer and he is mad behind her now. She chants mantras and calls Rajbeer. Rajbeer wakes up from sleep and walks towards her. Pari in her room tells Minty that Rajbeer was behaving weirdly with her. She sees Rajbeer walking and follows her calling him. He starts insulting him. She says now he is really insulting him. He says yes and says he is having an affair and will not think of marrying her in his weirdest dream. She starts crying, goes to her room and packs her suitcase. Mom comes and asks why she is packing suitcase. Pari says Rajbeer told he does not want to marry her. Mom says he must be joking, she will go and ask him.

Family youngsters plan antakshari and gather in hall. Rajbeer walks in hall weirdly. Mom stops him and asks what did he stay Pari. He starts describing Manjulika’s beauty and says he loves her a lot. Mom asks who. He says her babu. She thinks he is talking about Pari and gets happy. She goes and informs Pari that Rajbeer was joking with her and loves her a lot. Pari goes and joins youngters. She sees Rajbeer looking at sky from window weirdly and walks towards him, but Saroj stops her and says someone has done black magic on him and he is not himself. Pari says she does not believe in all this. Rajbeer falls unconscious. Parents take him to his room and doc checks and he is so weak like he is having 20 illnesses, but looks fit externally. Mom says he was fit and healthy just some time ago. He says he will get Rajbeer’s tests. Pari sees Saroj chanting hanuman chalisa and asks what she should do.

In the morning, Rajbeer wakes up and mom asks what happened to him that he slept so deeply whole night. He says he does not know. Pari brings kheer for him and mom insists him to have it. Pari reminisces Saroj giving her pooja rice and asking to prepare kheer and feed Rajbeer and if he possessing black magic, he will vomit green. Rajbeer goes to bathroom. Pari thinks Saroji is wrong. Saroj enters and Pari says her rice did not work. Rajbeer starts vomiting in bathroom. Pari runs in and sees him vomiting green and falling unconscious again. Pari asks Saroj what they should do now. Saroj says only one person can help them now and takes her to a lady in hanuman temple. Lady says Pari that she knew she would come and says Rajbeer is possessed by black magic and a witch is controlling him. She gives black thread bundle to Pari and asks her to tie it on Rajbeer’s leg tonight and follow him, they should find out who is the witch woman.

Rajbeer leaves home at night. Pari stops him and says his lace is open, ties thread to his leg silently. He walks and she follows him through jungle into Manjulika’s haveli. She enters haveli and calls Rajbeer. Manjulika comes and asks if she came. Pari says Saloni..Manjulika says she is Manjulika and points at her mother’s trunk grave. Pari asks what she needs. Manjulika says she wants to posess Rajbeer. Pari says she will take Rajbeer from here. Manjulika says een if she takes Rajbeer, he will come back to her. Pari god is bigger than black magic and Manjulika will not win over god. Manjulika calls Rajbeer and asks him to cry. He cries. She asks him to laugh and he laughs. Pari gets concerned and calls him repeatedly, but he continues laughing. Manjulika laughs on Pari. Pari says Rajbeer to come with her. Manjulika says he will not come with her and if he goes, he will die, so if she wants him to live, she wil get away from his life. Pari says she will go from Rajveer’s life. Manjulika shows door and asks to go. Pari runs crying. Manjulika asks Rajbeer to go home and break his engagement with Pari, then he can marry her.

Celebrations continue at Rajbeer’s mansion with Rajasthani folk dancers daning and guests enjoying. Pari reaches crying. Mom asks why is she crying. Pari says she cannot marry Rajbeer and tells her whole incident. Rajbeer comes. Mom drags him to a room and asks if Pari is telling true, if he loves him or not. Rajbeer says he does not love her.

Precap: Pari says with white, there is black. Manjulika enters during Rajbeer’s marriage with Pari and possesses Pari’s body. She says she will enjoy life with Rajbeer and not Pari.

Kawach 18 June 2016 Archives - tvserialz www.tvserialz.xyz/tag/kawach-18-june-2016 Kawach 18th June 2016 Full Episode Promo · admin 2 mins ago. 2 Views0 Comments0 Likes. Watch Online (Flash HD) Kawach 18 June 2016, Kawach full ... KAVACH - 11th June 2016 | Full Launch Episode | On Location ... Video for Kawach 18 June 2016▶ 18:57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnEqz06S_Gg 2 days ago - Uploaded by DesiFeed Video Kawach 11th June 2016 Full Launch Episode 1 Colors Tv Serial Kawach Full Promo Episode On Location ... mastchnel123: Kawach 18 June 2016 - Blogger massstchanel.blogspot.com/2016/06/kawach-18-june-2016.html Sunday, 12 June 2016. Kawach 18 June 2016. Kawach 18 June 2016. Posted by pari wiki at 01:58 · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to ... Kawach 18 June 2016 Episode 3 Colors Tv Dailymotion - MastChannel Video for Kawach 18 June 2016▶ www.mastchannel.xyz/kawach-18-june-2016-episode-3-colors-tv-d... 17 hours ago Kawach 18 June 2016 Episode 3 Colors Tv Watch Online Dailymotion.Kawach 18 June 2016 Episode 3 ... Kawach 11 June 2016 Episode 1 Colors Tv Dailymotion - MastChannel www.mastchannel.xyz/kawach-11-june-2016-episode-1-colors-tv-dailymotion-22457... 17 hours ago - Kawach 11 June 2016 Episode 1 Colors Tv.Kawach 11 June 2016 Episode 1 ... Khoat Episode 15 ARY Digital 18 June 2016 Dailymotion. June 8th, 2016 When unconditional love clashes with ... - Viacom18 www.viacom18.com/.../when-unconditional-love-clashes-with-absolute-possessivenes... COLORS presents Kawach...Kaali Shaktiyon se. Posted on June 8th, 2016 ... ~Evil finds a new time; the exorcism begins 11th June 2016, every Saturday and ... Kavach Read episodes details Online - Apne TV Hindi Serials apne.tv/Hindi-Serial/written_updates/Kavach Kavach read episodes details online and discuss with users. ... Promos Waaris - Episode 18 - June 08, 2016 - Preview. Jun 08 2016. Kahani Hamari Dil Dosti ... Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Updates (Video)! 1st Episode Tonight www.gackhollywood.com/2016/.../kawach-11th-june-2016-written-updates-video-1st... 1 day ago - Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Updates Video! ... from today at 8:00 pm on the Colors channel which is run by the company of Viacom18. Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Updates... - Google News https://news.google.co.in/news/story?cf=all&hl=en&ned=in&cf=all... Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Updates (Video)! 1st Episode Tonight ... By: IANS New Delhi Published:Jun 11, 2016, 18:45. entertainment. Don't have any ... Kavach 12 June 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode 2 | Webfys webfys.com › Indian Dramas 16 hours ago - Watch Kavach 12 June 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode 2. Get Kavach 12 June 2016 Today Episode 2. Watch Online ... June 10th, 2016, 7:18 pm.

Manjulika's Obsession to seduce Rajbir - Kawach 12 June 2016 Episode 02 Sunday Colors - Watch Online - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

Manjulika's Obsession to seduce Rajbir - Kawach 12th June 2016 Written Episode

Pari is sound asleep at night. Maid Saroj brings milk for her and sees her sleeping, so she keeps it on table. She sees ghungroo on table and imagines Manjulika dancing wearing it. She tries to wear it and dance. Kammo daadi sees her and asks why she wants to dance at night, if she does not know ghosts dance at night. She shakes Saroj and Saroj gains consciousness and asks what happened to her, she found this ghungroo in Pari’s room and it must be Manjulika’s ghungroo, she should burn it. Daadi takes ghungroo to kitchen and burns it on gas stove. Manjula writhes in pain. Dancing lady emerges from ghungroo and gas switches off. Manjulika shouts that she cannot burn her. Daadi keeps ghungroo in cupboard and says she knows Manjulika came back.

In the morning, Daadi insists family and Pari to go to hanuman temple for her sake. Pari agrees and says all youngsters they will go to temple. Manjulika’s mother from suitcase says they are all going to temple and today is amavasya, she should stop them. Pari with Rajbeer and other family youngsters travel in tempo traveler/TT towards temple. Manjulika blocks road with stones and fixes work in progress board. They use other road. An old man stops their TT and warns them not to go further as there is black magician’s haveli on the way and she will make human into animals. Pari says they don’t believe in all this and are going to hanuman temple. Others joke on old man. Old man says if they are going, they should remember 3 things, one they should not turn back, should not go anyone’s behind, and if tey meet someone, they should say ram ram and if person replies, he/she is human else ghost. They ingore old man and continue traveling. Their TT’s tyre bursts, they all come out and see it is already dark outside, think it was afternoon and suddenly turned dark.

Rajbeer and his uncle walk into jungle in search of mechanic. Sand storm starts and they both separate. Rajbeer walks further in and sees a beautiful woman bathing under water fall singing Ang lagade re….song… He then sees girl missing and someone shouting for help. He turns and sees Manjulika disguised as village girl and holding veil on he face asking her to help her. He asks what happened. She says someone is following her and asks to drop her till her haveli. He breaks old man’s said first rule. He walks with her till haveli and steps on thorn by mistake. He starts bleeding and blood falls on leaf. Manjulika takes blood to haveli and reminisces her mother’s words that if she gets Rajbeer’s blood, hair, or cloth, she can control him. She does black magic and controls Rajbeer. She goes out and gets Rajbeer inside haveli and starts romancing him. Pari also walks into jungle in search of water. A dog falls behind her and she starts running and reaches hanuman temple and falls on idol’s feet unknowingly. She is blessed and Manjulika’s black magic evades. She is thrown in air and shouts in pain. It gets sunny again. Rajveer gets conscious and sees himself in a weird place. He walks out back into jungle thinking how did he come there. Manjulika sees Rajbeer’s hair and smiles. Lady who met Pari earlier meets her again and says she knew she would come back and says she needs kavach/protection. Pari says she came here for god’s blessings and not kavach and walks from there. Lady thinks she has kavach already. She meets Rajbeer in jungle and says this jungle is weird, it gets dark and sunny in minutes, she got Minty’s call that TT is ready, says temple is near by and they should go there. He says no, it is already late. She says daadi asked them to go to temple. He says no and takes her back.

Pari’s mehandi ceremony starts. Rajbeer gets ready in sherwani and looks himself in mirror. Manjulika pulls hair and Rajbeer feels pain. She injures his doll’s face with hair and Rajbeer starts bleeding from mouth. He gets confused what is happening to him and goes out. Mehandi artist applies mehandi on Pari’s hands. Natasha who TV soap actress comes and starts showing tantrums and asks to let her get mehandi first. Pari agrees. Rajbeer comes and sits next to Pari. Manjulika controls his brain. He yells at Pari why she wore such bad dress. She says she will change and shows his name in her mehandi. He shouts so what. She gets sad why is he shouting at her. He walks away from there thinking how can he misbehave with Pari, passes by a window and starts staring at moon. Saroj sees him staring at moon and realizes that he is controlled by black magic.

Kammo sees Nammo drinking alcohol and asks her to not drink at least today. Nammo says even she should celebrate and keep god aside at least today. Kammo says no.. Manjulika eners mansion and Kammo gets afriad hearing ghungroo sound. Manjulika looks at chandalier and power goes off. Kammo rushes to her room and sees her cupboard open and ghungroo on floor. Ghungroo turns into 1000s and covers whole place. Kammo chants hanuman chalisa and ghungroos vanish. She picks original ghungroo and keeps it under hanuman photo. Rajbeer goes to check electric fuse. Manjulika comes there and lights match stick. He turns and gets under her control. Pari’s kavach activates and Manjulika’s black magic vanishes. Power comes back and Manjulika escapes from there. Manjulika then goes back inside haveli and sees Pari standing under chandalier. She chants black magic mantras and chandelier falls on Pari. Pari sees hanuman idol falling, bends and holds it. Chandalier falls just inches away from her. Manjulika fumes in anger. Whole family runs to check Pari. Rajbeer shouts at Pari what if chandlier fallen on her and she died. She says how can he shout at her. He shouts mad woman and walks away. Pari is shocked. Mom says Rajbeer loves Pari, so he is worried about her. Saroji realizes that evil spirit is around and she has seen people doing anything to control someone, either they die or kill others.

Kammo Daadi sees Manjulika and asks who is she, she is from bride or groom’s side. She gets tensed. Rajbeer comes ands says she is his friend and he called her. Pari sees them together. Rajbeer asks when did they meet. She says 2 days ago. He says within 2 days of friendship, he called her for engagement. She says yes.. He looks at Pari and says she is his fiance. He says she is not beautiful, she did not like her. Rajbeer says why so. She says she is more beautiful and asks to look into her eyes. He looks into her eyes and says he loves his fiance, then asks if he really loves her. She says no, she loves her instead. She sees Pari watching them and asks him to introduce his fiance. He takes her and tells Pari that she is his friend from 2 years. Pari asks is it. Manjulika says she knows Rajbeer since she was 4 year old, then says she is joking. She shakes hands with Pari and her blood smears on Pari’s hand. Niece sees blood on Pari’s hand and says she is bleeding. Mom hears that and says she must have got injured with chandlier glass. Pari says it is not her blood. Manjulika says it is her blood. Rajbeer sucks her blood and asks if she is fine. Manjulika thinks she wanted her blood in Rajbeer’s body. Rajbeer’s brother interferes and says it is time for dance. Manjulika walks away. Rajbeer shouts at Pari again and leaves. His elder brother Shakti sees that and says his wife Natasha how can Rajbeer misbheave with Pari, he will speak to him. Natasha stops him and says it is their personal matter and he should not interfere.

Dance party starts. Rajbeer’s cousins dance mimicking Rajbeer and Pari. Kammo and Nammo daadi’s performance starts next. They dance jovially and everyone clap for them. Manjulika thinks she will make Rajbeer her dog.

Precap: Manjulika dances sensously with Rajbeer. Pari feels embarrassed. Manjulika says she will control Rajbeer now. Saroj tells Pari that there is black spirit haunting this house. Manjulika controls Rajbeer’s body and tortures him. Rajbeer shouts in pain and Pari cries.

Kawach 12th June 2016 Watch Online Episode HD - DesiSerials.TV www.desiserials.tv/kawach-12th-june-2016-watch-online-episode-hd/141661/ 4 hours ago - Kawach 12th June 2016 watch online desirulez, Kawach 12th June 2016 serial desitvforum, Kawach 12th June 2016 watch online dailymotion, ... Kavach 12 June 2016 Archives | PLEX TV www.plextv.in/tag/kavach-12-june-2016/ 17 hours ago - Kavach 12 June 2016 Full Episode Online, Kavach 12 June 2016 Online Episode, Kavach 12 June 2016 Written Update, Today Latest Episode ... Kawach 12th June 2016 Video Watch Online | Desi Tashan www.desi-tashan.co/kawach-12th-june-2016-video-watch-online/ 6 hours ago - Kawach 12th June 2016 Video Watch Online, Colors TV Serial Kawach episode 2 12th June 2016 full episode watch online, Kawach 12th June ... Kawach 12th June 2016 Episode Watch Online - DesiTVBox.me www.desitvbox.me/kawach-12th-june-2016-episode-watch-online/ 5 hours ago - Watch Online (DailyMotion) Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 1 Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 2 Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 3 Kawach 12th ... KAWACH - 12th June 2016 | Full Launch Episode | On Location ... Video for Kawach - 12 June 2016▶ 20:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNf77th0UQ4 23 hours ago - Uploaded by DesiFeed Video Kavach 12th June 2016 Full Launch Episode 2 Colors Tv Serial Kawach Full Promo Episode On Location 12th ... Kavach - 12th June 2016 News Promo - YouTube Video for Kawach - 12 June 2016▶ 1:11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcDJwIOrDNw 2 days ago - Uploaded by click Me Kavach - 12th June 2016 News Promo ... Published on Jun 10, 2016 ... KAWACH - 10th June 2016 | Full ... Kavach 12 June 2016 Episode 2 - hahahehehoo Video for Kawach - 12 June 2016▶ www.hahahehehoho.com › Indian › Colors TV 24 mins ago Watch Online Kavach 12 June 2016 Full Episode 2, Tanu and Rishi are childhood friends in Patiala, Today ... Kavach 12th June 2016 Full Episode 2 - Video - Badtameezdil.Net Video for Kawach - 12 June 2016▶ 56:34 badtameezdil.net/watch-video-kavach-12th-june-2016-full-episode-2/ 23 mins ago Video watch online Kavach 12th June 2016 full Episode 2 of Colors Tv drama serial Kavach complete show ... Kavach 12 June 2016 Episode 2 Full Online | DailymotionFx Video for Kawach - 12 June 2016▶ www.dailymotionfx.com/1622-watch-video-kavach-12-june-2016-... 1 hour ago The Following Kavach 12 June 2016 Colors TV has been released. Dailymotionfx will always be the first to ... Kawach 12th June 2016 Watch Full HD Episode - Play Kardo www.playkardo.net/139978-kawach-12th-june-2016-watch-full-hd-episode/ 6 hours ago - Watch Online (Dailymotion HD) Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 1 Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 2 Kawach 12th June 2016 - Part 3.

The Curse on Bundela Family - Kawach 11 June 2016 Episode 01 Saturday Colors - Watch Online - Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se

The Curse on Bundela Family - Kawach 11th June 2016 Written Episode

The serial starts with darshan of temples. Rajasthan’s famous Balaji temple is seen where bad evils are controlled. Isha travels in car and her car beraks down near temple. She looks at temple on cliff and asks her driver to get car ready soon as she has to reach her engagement venue soon. She goes to temple and gets afraid seeing ghost on a girl and pandit trying to control it. Ghost says girl in whose body he is on is his wife and will take her along at any cost. Pandit orders his disciples to control ghost, they all catch girl but ghosts pushes them all and says he will punish pandit now. Pandit throws holy water on girl’s body and ghost escapes from wall. Girl gets afraid seeing all this. Pandit asks who is she. She says she is Isha and is getting engaged today. Pandit asks her to take hanumanji’s blessing and go. Isha says some other day as she has to hurry up and leaves. Storm starts. Pandit thinks this is abshagun and is a sign of something bad. Isha then gets into car and travels again. Car breaks down again. Isha then sees haveli at a distance and walks towards it. Manjula, the ghost, does black magic and calls her. Blood drops falls on Isha from tree. She looks up and is shocked to see driver’s deadbody hanging. She panics and runs towards car. Car starts automaticaly by itself and crushes her. Ghost in haveli laughs that nobody should marry in Bundela family.

After four years, Paridhi with her friend Minty travels in car. Minty asks Paridhi that she must be excited to marry Rajveer Bundela. Paridhi says she met Rajveer 4 years ago when he was shattered after his fiance got missing, soon they became friends and he proposed her to marry. She further tells that they are going to Balaji temple and since she is an archeologist and will examine old stones while Minty records temple. They reach temple and Pari gets busy evaluating stone. Minty sees ghost on girl and pandit freeing the girl off ghost. She goes and tells Pari who says it is just superstition, there is nothing like evil spirit. A lady hears their conversation and says when there is god, ther is evil; when there is white, there is white, there is black. She continues explaining. Pari says she does not believe in evil and walks away from there. She then takes hanumanji’s blessings and turns to see lady standing and says she prayed good energy here. She and Minty then rush towards hotel in a car, which is 50 km away.

At Rajveer’s house, his family is busy practicing dance for engagement. Daadi is shown who prays god that nothing bad happens as Rajveer and Pari’s engagement broke thrice already. She goes to store room and sees old photo which changes colors and gets afraid and starts chanting hanuman chalisa. Her son comes and asks why did she come here. She shows painting and he says how did it come back here, he will burn it. She says not to burn as eveil spirit will get free and trouble them. He dorns white cloth on painting and takes her out.

Pari and Minty are on the way to hotel. Rajveer’s mom calls her and requests to reach her mansions safely and wear blue suit for engagement. Pari asks if her mom asked her to tell this and says her mom is dramebaz. She says she will go to hotel, get ready and come to mansion. Mom says she would have come direclty to mansion. Pari reaches hotel and gets ready in blue dress.

Rajveer is introduced where his neice sits on him and he does pushups. She counts 200 and says enough now. He says he is exercising and she is getting tired. His sister comes and jokes that she is 90 kg and has to eat a lot to maintain her weight. She asks what he bought for bhabhi. He shows old necklace and says one more is on the way. Jeweller calls him and says his necklace is ready. He asks jeweller to send it to his home. Manjulika comes there and steals necklace silently. She then is seen wearing it in her cave and adding stones in box instead. Rajveer goes to take bath. Pari calls Rajveer from hotel on Ipad. Neice picks call and calls Rajveer. Rajveer comes from wearing towel and hearing Pari’s voice thinks he is really in love as he is hearing her voice. Pari says she is here. Rajveer sees her on Ipad and his towel falls down. Pari says no no no and closes eyes and says she will call him later. She gets Rajveer’ gift box from jeweller and opens to see stones in it. Minty says Rajveer should have sent diamond necklace instead of stones. Pari says these stones are more precious than diamonds and Rajveer knows her choice. Minty takes her to get her ready. Manjula does black magic and stones start moving on floor. She discusses about her family. Daadi walks in hotel corridor and falls down. Family picks her and mom gets worried that already 4 times Pari’s engagemnet got cancelled and even now it will be canceled. Daadi says she is fine and they will all attend engagment.

Rajveer gets ready in sherwani and whole famly and guests gather for engagement. They all wait for Pari. Dadi hopes nothing bad happens and prays god. Rajveer gets a call from inspector that Pari’s car met with an accident and fell from cliff. He worriedly informs family. Whole family panics an daadi cries that she sensed wrong will happen and it happened. Pari comes with her friends and every one get happy. Rajveer runs and hugs her and thanks god that she is safe. Somone comments that Rajveer got a call that her car fell from cliff. She says that means girl who was traveling in her car met with an accident and reminisces a girl requesting to drop her to Bikaner as her mother is in hospital and needs urgent surgery. Pari sends girl in her car and herself travels in her friend’s car. Daadi thanks god for saving Pari. Engagement happens in an unique way with engagement ring falling from balloon.

After engagment, Pari goes to store room in search of Rajveer. Manjulika operates painting from her den and via black magic painting’s dancer’s ghungroo fall on floor. Pari picks it and gets happy seeing age old ghungroo. Rajveer comes and takes her from there. They both sit on garden bench. Pari is still looking at old ghungroo and praising its details. Rajveer says now they are engaged, they should kiss. Pari’s daadi nammo and Rajveer’s daadi Kammo who are childhood friends see them from a room. Nammo looks via binocular and mimicks Rajveer’s lips and repeats what he says. She enjoys alcohol and asks Kammo to take a peg, Kammo resists. Nammo sees Pari saying that she does not want to hurry and wait till their marriage. She gets dissappointed and tels Kammo that if Rajveer goes in this speed, she will not get her great grandchildren. Kammo says she broke many jodis during their college days and still continues. Nammo says she did not break her joi though. Kammo thanks her and says let us leave children alone now. Rajveer and Pari’s romantic moments continue.

Rajveer with his cousin tries to leave haveil for some important work. Old maid stops him and says he has shine on his face and some people are jealous of his shine, so his nazar should be performed. Rajveer says he does not believe in all this and walks out without nazar. Maid gets worried for him. He goes out and asks his cousin to start bike. Cousin starts bike and sees Manjulika standing behind tree. He tells Rajveer that a hot girl is tanding behind tree. Rajveer says he is already engaged to Pari now and cannot help him in his imagination. Manjulika hides. Cousin says girl was here. Rajveer says let us go. They both leave. Manjulika from behind tree thinks Rajveer’s shine is hers.

Precap: Daadi says family they all will go to hanuman temple and get kavach. Rajveer and Pari’s car breaks down. Villager informs not go near haveil as there is black magician who can make human dogs. Daadi says she has come back and will destroy Rajveer and Pari’s life. Manjulika disguised as village girl requests Rajveer to drop her home and takes him to her cave instead. She lures him with her harm when Pari’s kavach activates and magician jumps and shouts in pain. Rajveer gains consciousness.

Gurneet Chadha as Lead's sister in Colors' Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se.

Gurneet Chadha who was last seen in episodes of Webbed and Pyar Tune Kya Kiya and also popular movie Main Tera Hero is finalized to play the lead’s (Vivek) sister who would be a fashion designer. She would be very close to her bhabhi (Mona).

The finite series Kawach - Kaali Shaktiyo Se will replace Naagin stars Mona Singh, Vivek Dahiya and Maheck Chahal in the leads.